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    In the Torah, it is said that the image of the Pomegranate, which is the representative of "holiness", "fertility" and "abundance", is also on the crown of Solomon. In the legendary palace prepared for him, all the capitals and the walls of the palaces of other Jewish kings are covered with ornaments resembling the shapes of pomegranate fruit and leaves.

    The importance of pomegranate for Christianity stems from its symbol of "doomsday" and "eternal life".

    By Leonardo Da Vinci and other painters of the time, the Pomegranate, which is depicted in the hands of Mary and in the way touched by the Baby Jesus, was used as a religious and artistic image to represent the suffering and resurrection of the Prophet Jesus according to the Christian faith in this picture of Boticelli.

    Pomegranate in Islam is mentioned in 3 different Verses of the Quran (99 and 141 of Surat al-An'am and 68th verse of Surat ar-Rahman) and is mentioned as a fruit of paradise as "an example of the beauties created by Allah".

    In Buddhism, pomegranate is considered the essence of all positive effects of life and it is believed that families with pomegranate figures in their homes will be protected from all kinds of evil and attain abundance.

    The word pomegranate is Side in Ancient Greek. Side is the wife of Orion (Orion is a giant hunter, son of the sea god Pasoidon). Side, who attempts to compete with Hera in beauty, is punished by Hera (Hera is the wife of the god Zeus. Lily and nara are found in plant symbols). Blaming himself for the death of the absent child, Side throws himself down the cliffs. A tree grows in the place of a drop of blood falling on the ground. This tree is a Pomegranate tree. A city is established in the place where Side died. This city is today's Side. According to a mythology, Hades (God of the Underworld) is held by Zeus' daughter Persepone, who is from Dermeter. Persepone is kidnapped by his uncle Hades to the city of the dead while Zeus is ignoring him. Zeus helps him with a condition, despite Dermeter's insistence, because of the pomegranate he ate the dead. Provided that he spends one-third of his time on earth and two-thirds underground. From that day on, his son Pomegranate fruit spends one-third of his time in the world and two-thirds underground.

    In the symbols of Dermeter, poppy resembling a pomegranate form and Narcissus flower growing in the place where Narcissus died. Is this why pomegranate and daffodil motifs are found in Side temples? The people of the region also added a proud expression to the pomegranate fruit, referring to the self-righteousness of Narcissus (the man who reflected himself in the water).

    In Eastern mythology, pomegranate is in the garden protected by giants. Kings and great elders to try the lovers, promise a desire to those who bring a pomegranate fruit from this garden.

    Although "burning on your pomegranate" is described as "burning on fire" in Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu's verses, pomegranate is declared a fruit of paradise in Islam. In Christianity, the pomegranate represents the reign of the world in the hands of the Prophet Jesus.

    Realizing this, the rulers bless their kingdom with the "Crown of Pomegranate" from past to present. As in this story, the object I chose, Pomegranate, turns into a common expression by societies.

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