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    For me, the tulip, beyond its visual beauty and aesthetic appearance, is an aesthetic object that inspires many artists in our culture, from miniature to china and various handicrafts.

    Being a delicate onion plant, tulip has very special meanings in Islam and Sufism. The tulip, which has the same letters as the word "Allah" in its Arabic spelling, represents the "Unity of God" (Tawhid) in Sufism. Also in Sufism, it is believed that the upward position of tulip leaves depicts a dervish praying.

    In addition to all these, this unique flower, which is often likened to the "lover's face, cheek and lip" due to its color and shape, says that in this sense, it symbolizes love and the beautiful lover.

    Today, the first things that come to mind when we say tulips stand out as the Tulip Age and the city of Istanbul, which it symbolized over time.
    Lale, which has been an object of inspiration for this kind of Turkish Aesthetics for centuries, is now the first time in centuries, and nowadays in the field of fine arts, I update tulips again.

    The heart of tulips is the Tien Shan and Pamir Alai mountains in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan). In this remote, wild, remote area, you will find more wild tulips than you can find anywhere else.

    Central Asia is still the cradle of this enormous species (flower).

    Tulips are the sexiest, most capricious, most diverse, elegant, powerful, intriguing flower ever seen by flower gardeners and are called the "queen of bulbous flowers".

    The tulip bulb is a single piece and covered with a brown or black membrane and is called a tunic.

    Tulips can reproduce from themselves in two ways; The main onion is branched and the juvenile onion is next to the main onion, and it takes several years for it to reach a normal flower size with this method. This flower is also produced by planting its seeds, but it takes 5 to 7 years for it to reach the size of an onion that will flower.

    With the first method (Branching) you always get a flower with the same character. Those produced from seed may differ. In other words, a different type of tulip can be obtained very easily from tulips produced from the seeds of wild tulips. But one must be patient.

    Lale has a special, complex character like a fingerprint with each touch of each leaf.

    Parrot Tulips

    This class tulip is the mutated form of the known tulip genus, Clara Butt, which is the old single late tulip.

    Considering the blooming times, forms and origins, we can talk about the following types of tulips:

    Single Early

    Small types of tulips bloom from late March to early April. Very rarely it reaches a maximum of 40 cm and usually half that. It is mostly in the red-orange-yellow colors of the Spectrum (spectrum).

    Double Early

    These usually bloom in early or mid-April, longer than early tulips. Most of them come from the Murillo tulip found in the mid 19th century. These have an unusually uniform height and bloom time. Their longevity makes them a favorite potted tulip for indoor use.

    Darwin Hybrid

    They are the tallest of Garden Tulips. Between 60-70 cm. Yellow-orange-red spectrum. This type is an important commercial product in the Netherlands.

    Single Late

    Late blooming tulips are a group made from a new Darwin mixture with the "cottage" type. It has an extraordinary range in terms of color and purity. It is the only group among all garden tulips that is perhaps the best fit for the garden and renews itself every year. It is 60-75 cm long and they flower in May.

    Late Blooming Double Tulips
    Greigi Tulips (Hybrid)
    Papağan Tulips
    Lily Flowered Tulips
    Kaufmanniana Tulips
    Fosteriana Tulips
    Rembrandt Tulips
    Viridiflora Tulips
    Fringed Tulips
    Triumph Tulips

    This name was given by a German manufacturer in 1923. It is grown on early tulips with Darwin tulip. Flowering time is from the end of April to the beginning of May. It has a wide range of colors. From Ivory White to Blood Red (Wine Red / Burgundy Wine color)… Their height reaches an average of 45-50cm.

     Aitchisonii, Clusiana, Cynthia, Tubergen's, Gem / TUBERGEN”IN MUCEVHERI, Liliput, Pegasus, Zephyr / BATI RUZGARI, Alba Coerulea Oculata, Magenta Queen / Mor Kralice, Violacea black base /mor, siyah Tabanli, Violacea yellow base / Mor, sari Tabanli, Eastern star / Dogu Yildizi, Odalisque / Odalik, Persian Pearl / Farsli inci / Fars’in incisi, Fusilier, Unicum / Essiz / Benzersiz, Polychroma, Praestans "fusilier", Praestans "unicum", Schrenkii, Turkestanica. KAUFMANNIANA GROUP; Ancilla / hizmetci, Berlioz , Corona / Tac, Daylight / Gunisigi, Early harvest / Erken Hasat, Fair lady / Adil Kadin / panayir kadini, Fashion / Tarz / Moda, Franz Lehár, Guiseppi Verdi, Glück / Mutluluk /Talih / Sans, Golden Daylight / Altin Gunisigi, Goudstuk / Altin Parcasi, Heart's delight / Gönül keyfi, Johann straus, Little diamond / Küçükk Elmas, Scarlet Baby / Kizik Bebek, Shakespeare, Showwinner / Gosterinin Galibi, Stresa, The First / Ilk, T. Kaufmanniana. FOSTERIANA GROUP; Candela / Mum / Kandil, Concerto / Koncerto, Easter parade / Paskalya / Paskalya gecidi, Hit Parade /Sans-Basari / Sans gecidi, Juan Madam Lefeber, Orange Emperor / Turuncu imparator, Purissima / Saf, Purissima King / Saf Kral, Robassa, Spring Pearl / Bahar incisi, Summit / Zirve, Sweetheart / Canim, tatlim, Sylvia van lennep, Yellow purissima / Sarinin safligi, Zombie / Zombi. SINGLE EARLY GROUP; Apricot Beauty / Guzel kayisi / Kayisi Guzeli, Bestseller, Brilliant star / Parlak Yildiz, Burning Love / Ask Atesi, Christmas dream / Christmas ruyasi, Christmas Marvel / Christmas mucizesi, Flair / yetenek, Generaal de Wet, Joffre, Keizerskroon, Merry Christmas / mutlu noel, Mickey Mouse, Prins carnaval / Prens Karnavali, Ruby Red / yakut kirmizisi, Sint Maarten / Aziz Martin, White Marvel / beyaz mucizesi. DOUBLE EARLY GROUP; Anthony Eden, Arie Alkemade's Memory, Cardinal Mindszenty, Carlton, David Teniers, Double Price / Double fiyat, Eskilstuna, Goya, Marechal Niel / Maresal Niel, Marquette, Monsella, Monte Carlo, Montreaux, Murillo, Oranje Nassau, Peach, Blossom / seftali cicegi, Queen of Marvel / mucize kralicesi, Stockholm, Sven, Dahlman, Triumphator, Verona, Yellow Baby / sari bebek. MID-SEASON FLOWERING SPECIES; Albertii / Kostek, Aucheriana, Ferganica, Kolpakowskiana, Sylvestris, Wilsoniana. DARWIN HYBRID GROUP: Ad Rem, Apeldoorn, Apeldoorn’s Elite, Bienvenue, Big Chief / Buyuk Sef, Blushing, Apeldoorn / utangac Apeldoorn, Burning Heart / yanan kalp, Come-Back / Geri don, Daydream / gunduz Ruyasi, Diplomate / diplomat, Elizabeth Arden, Forgotten Dreams / Unutulmus ruya, Golden Apeldoorn / Altin Apeldoorn, Golden Parade / Altin Gecit, Gordon Cooper, Gudoshnik, Hans Mayer, Hollands Glorie / Hollanda Gorkemi, Ivory Floradale, Juliette Ollioules, Olympic Flame / Olimpik Bayrak, Oranjezon Oxford, Parade / Gosteris, Pink Impression / pembe etkisi, Tender Beauty / Taze Guzel, World’s Favourite / Dunya’nin Favorisi, Yellow Dover. TRIUMPH GROUP; Abra, Abu Hassan, African Queen / Afrika kralicesi, Ambassador / Elci, Anna Jose, Annie Schilder, Arabian Mystery / arap gizemi, Arie Hock, Attilla, Attilla’s Elite, Barcelona, Baronesse, Bastogne, Belcanto, Belinda Reus, Bellona, Ben van Zanten, Blenda, Blue Ribbon / Mavi Kurdele, Brigitta, Calgary, Candlelight / Mum Isigii Capri, Caravelle, Carola, Cassini, Charles, Charmeur, Cheers, Chieftain, Concours, Coquette, Couleur Cardinal, Cream Perfection, Debutante, Dolly Dots, Don Quichotte, Dreaming Maid / ruya kiz, Early Glory / erken mutluluk, Etude / etud, Fire Queen / ates kralicesi, First Lady, Fortissimo, Francoise, Friso, Gander, Gander’s Ouverture, Gander’s Rhapsody, Garden Party, Gavota, Golden Fiction, Golden Melody, Golden Mirjoran, Golden Present, Hanna, Glawari, Happy Family, Happy Generation, Helmar, Hermitage, Hibernia, High Society, Hollandia, Ile de france, Invasion, Inzell, Jan Reus, Jimmy, Judith, Leyster, Kaiserin Maria Theresia, Kees Nelis, Labyrinth, Leen van der Mark, Leo Visser, Libretto, Lilo Pink, Los Angeles, Lucky Strike, Lustige Witwe, Madame de la Mar, Madurodam, Magic Mountain, Makassar, Make-up, Margot, Fontaine, Martine Bijl, Mary Housley, Meissner Porzellan, Merapi, Minerva, Mirjoran, Miss Holland, Monte Rosa, Montevideo, Negrita, New Design, Ohara, Orange Bouquet, Orange Cassini, Orange MonarchOrleans, Oscar, Page Polka, Palestrin, Passionale, Peer Gynt, Peerless Pink / essiz pembe, Primavera / ilk gercek, Primavista, Princess Victoria / Prenses Victoria, Prinses Irene / Prenses Irene, Proferror Penn, Promincence, Purple Flag / mor Bayrak, Purple Prince / mor prens, Purple World / Mor dunya, Red Present kirmizi armagan, Riviera, Romance / romantik, Rosalie, Rosario / tesbih, Rosy Wings / pembe kanatlar, Roulette / rulet, Sally, Samson, Scala, Sevilla, Shirley, Silentia, Silver Dollar / Gumus dolar, Sint Pancras, Snow Lady / karkadin, Snowstar / Karyildizi, Spalding, Spryng, Stability / Istikrarli, Stargazer / Hayalperest, Striped Bellona, Strong Gold / sert altin, Success / basari, Sunlife / hayat gunesi, Superstar / süperstar, Ted Turner, Tosca, Transavia, Valentine / sevgili, Varinas, Walter Scheel, Washington, White Dream / Beyaz ruya, White Ideal / Mukemmel Beyaz, Wibo, Winterberg, Wonderful / harika, Yellow Flight / sari ucak, Yellow Mask / sari maske, Yellow Present / sari hediye, Yellow Star / Sari Yildiz, Yokohama, Zamire, Zarewitch. GREIGII GROUP; Ali Baba, Annie Salomons, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Bella Vista, Buttercup / Duguncicegi, Californian Sun / Kalifornia Gunesi, Cape Cod, Captein’s Favourite, Carioca, China Lady / Cinli kadin, Compostella, Corsage / Korsaj, Czaar Peter, Donna Bella / Guzel kadin, Dreamboat / hayalbotu, Easter Surprise / paskalya surprizi, Engadin, Golden Day / altin gunu, Golden Tango / altin tango, Jockey Cap, Lemon Giant / sari dev, Longfellow / uzun sevgili, Lovely Surprise / guzel surpriz, Margaret Herbst, Miskodeed, Orange Elite / seckin turuncu, Orange Toronto / turuncu toronto, Oriental Beauty / oryantal guzel, Oriental Splendour, Perlina / perlin, Pinocchio / pinokyo, Plaisir / zevk, Quebec / kubik, Queen Ingrid Red Reflection, Red Riding Hood / kirmizi baslikli kiz, Rockery Master / bahce, Sambrero, Sparkling Fire / parlak ates, Sun Dance / gunes dansi, Sweet Lady / Seker bayan, Tango, Toronto, United States, Zampa / Pence, Zampo Rose. LATE FLOWERING / LILY-FLOWERED GROUP; Akita, Aladdin, Ballade, Ballerina / balerin, Doctor Wisse Dekker, Dyanito, Elegant Lady / Zarif Kadin, Jacqueline, Jan van Zanten’s Memory, Lilac Time / Leylak Zamani, Mariette, Marilyn, Marjolein, Maytime, Mona Lisa, Moonshine / Ayisigi, Queen of Sheba / Sheba kralicesi, Red shine / Kizil parilti, Sapporo, Sannet, Tres Chic, West Point / Bati noktasi White Elegance / Beyaz Zarafet, White Triumphator / Beyaz komutan. PARROT GROUP; Apricot Parrot / Kayisi papagani, Bird of Paradise / cennet kusu, Black Parrot / siyah papagan, Blue Parrot / Mavi papagan, Destiny / Kader, Doorman’s Record / kapici, Erna Lindgreen, Estella Rijnveld, Fantasy / Fantezi, Flaming Parrot alev papagani, Glasnost, Green Wave / Yesil Dalga, Holland Happening / Hollanda olayi, James V. Forrestal, Karel Doorman, Libretto Parrot, Onedin, Orange Favorite, Orangerie / Limoni, Professor Rontgen, Rai / hukumdarlik, Red Champion / Kizil Sampiyon, Red Parrot / Kizil Papagan, Rococo / Rokoko, Texas Flame / Teksas alevi, Topparrot / En iyi Papagan, Weber’s Parrot / Weber’in Papagani, White Parrot / Beyaz Papagan. FRINGED GROUP; Aleppo / Halep, American Eagle / Amerikan Kartal, Arma, Bellflower / çançiçeği, Burgundy Lace / Bordo Dantel, Canova, Crystal Beauty / Kristal guzel, Fancy Frills / Suslu firfirlar, Fringed Apeldoorn Puskullu Apeldoorn, Fringed Beauty/ puskullu/Sacakli Guzel, Fringed Golden Apeldoorn / Altin Puskullu Apeldoorn, Fringed Gudoshnik, Fringed Solstice / Sacakli Gundonumu / Puskullu Gundonumu, Hamilton, Heidrun Harden, Lave rock, Madison Garden / Madison Bahcesi, Maja, Max Durand, Red Wing / Kizil kanat, Swan Wings / Kugu Kanadi. SINGLE LATE GROUP;
    Atlantis, Avignon, Big Smile / Buyuk tebessum, Black Diamond / Kara Elmas, Blushing Beauty / Utangac Guzel, Broadway, Candy Club / Sekerler kulubu, Caravelle, Cashmir / Kasmir, Colour Spectacle /renk soleni /Renkli gozluk, Cordell Hull, Cri de Coeur, Cum Laude, Delmonte, Dillenburg, Dordogne, Dreamland / Hayal Ulkesi, Esther, Georgette, Hocus Pokus, Kingsblood / Kral kani, La Courtine / Perde, Lucette / Lolipop, Magier / Buyucu, Maureen, Menton / Cene, Montgomery, Mrs. John T. Scheepers, Perestroyka, Philippe de Comines, Picture / Resim, Pink Diamond / Pembe elmas, Pink Jewel / PEmbe Mucevher, Queen of Bartigons / Bartigonlarin Kralicesi, Queen of Night / Gece Kralicesi,Recreado / Yeniden, Renown / Sohret, Rosa Listo, Sorbet / Serbet, Sweet Harmony / Tatli Ahenk, Temple Of Beauty / Guzellik tapinagi, Temple’s Favourite / Tapinagin Favorisi, Vlammenspel, World’s Expression / Dünyanin Ifadesi. DOUBLE LATE GROUP; Allegretto, Angelique, Black Hero / Siyah Kahraman, Bonanza, Carnaval De Nice, Casablanca, Crème Upstar, Daladier, Gerbrand Kieft, Maywonder, Miranda, Mount Tacoma / Tacoma Dagi, Orange Princess / Turuncu prenses, Red Nova, Red Princess / Kizil Prenses, Uncle Tom / Tom Amca, Upstar, Wirosa. LATE FLOWERING SPECIES; T. Acuminata, T. Bakeri, T. Batalinii, T. Batalinii ‘Apricot Jewel / Kayisi Mucevheri, T. Batalinii Bright Gem / Parlak Mucevher, T. Batalinii Bronze Charm / Bronz Cazibe, T. Batalinii Red Gem / Kirmizi Mucevher, T. Batalinii ‘Yellow Jewel / Sari Mucevher, T. Didieri, T. Hageri ‘Splendens, T. Linifolia, T. Marjolettii, T. Orphanidea, T. Orphanidea ‘Flava , T. Saxatilis, T. Sprengeri, T. Tarda, T. Urumiensis, T. Vvedenskyi,T. Vvedenskyi ‘Tangerine Beauty, T. Whittallii. VIRIDIFLORA GROUP; Artist / Sanatci, China / Cin, Esperanto, Eye Catcher / Goz Alci, Golden Artist / Altin Sanatci, Green River / Yesil Nehir, Groenlamd, Hollywood, Hollywood Star / Holywood Yildizi, Spring Green / Bahar Yesili. NEW INTRODUCTIONS; Bearded and Fringed Tulip / Sakalli ve Puskullu Lale, Cabbagelike Tulip “Ice Cream”/ Dondurma, Double Parrot Tulip Cifte Parrot Lale, Double Fringed Tulip Cifte Puskullu Lale, Fringed Parrot Tulip / Puskullu parrot Lale, Fringed Tulip / Puskullu Lale, Heavily-fringed Tulip “cummings”. THIEVES; Pink Thief / Pembe hirsiz, Red Thief / Kizil Hirsiz

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