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    Born in Suşehri (Sivas) in 1971. Entered the Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Painting in 1988. Graduated as valedictorian from the Prof. Ergin İnan atelier in Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts in 1992. Submitted his masters thesis, ‘Technology and Art,’ in 1993.

    Some important exhibitions in which he participated:

    2018 Gods and King of Anatolia Universite Montaigne Bordeaux FRANCE

    2017 Rumi Berlin GERMANY

    2017 Tulip Tulip MUSEUM İstanbul TURKEY

    2016 Five Seonses Riyad SAUDİ ARABİA

    2016 East icons Podgorica Naional Galley MONTENEGRO

    2015 Tulip Tulip MUSEUM İstanbul TURKEY

    2014 East icons Rome İTALY

    2013 East icons Yıldız Place İstanbul TURKEY

    2013 Sultans Skopje MAKEDONYA

    2012 National Portrait Galley London ENGLAND

    2012 Tulip Topkapı Place İstanbul TURKEY

    2012 The Five Senses Ayasofya Museum İstanbul TURKEY

    2012 Florance Design week Florance İTALY

    2011 Sema Turkısh İslamic Art Museum TURKEY

    2011 Sema Jeddah SAUDİ ARABİA

    2011 Kaftan Kremlin Palace Moscow , Moscow, RUSSIA.

    2011 “Five Senses, Red Room White Room” 12th Istanbul Biennial Simultaneously Event, Istanbul, TURKEY

    2010 “III İstanbul”, Çırağan Place , Istanbul, TURKEY

    2010 “Yunus Emre Five Senses,” Hagia Irene, Istanbul, TURKEY.

    2010 “Icons of the East,” Palazzo Giovane, Florence, ITALY.

    2010 “Turks in Vienna,” Jewish Museum Hohenems, Wien, AUSTRIA.

    2009 Florence Biennial, Florence, ITALY.

    2009 “Icons of the East,” Çırağan Place , Istanbul, TURKEY.

    2009 Chianciano Biennial, ITALY.

    2008 Ferrara Biennial, ITALY.

    2008 “Icons of the East,” Dubai, U.A.E.

    2008 International Moscow Art Fair, Moscow, RUSSIA.

    2008 Tulip, Topkapı Palace, Istanbul, TURKEY.

    2007 Anatolia’s Sultans and Kings Exhibit, National Museum of Macedonia, Skopje, MACEDONIA.

    2007 Miami Art Basel, Miami, USA.

    2007 International Florence Biennial, ITALY.

    2005 Champs Elysees Mélange Objects, Paris, FRANCE.

    2005 The 51st International Venice Biennial, Venice, ITALY. The artist displayed his “Sultans in Venice” exhibit at 23 different palaces, buildings and museums along the Grand Canal. Approximately 45,000 art enthusiasts a day viewed Acar’s installations and exhibits at the Fendaco dei Turchi (Museum of Natural History), the Insituto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti, Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti and the Venice Academy of Arts, Literature and Sciences.

    2004 International Arab Biennial, BAHRAIN.

    2004 Acar displayed his 55th personal exhibit, “Porcelain Kingdoms,” in which he sends messages to religious icons of the old age and the icons of today, at the Toprak Art Gallery, Istanbul, TURKEY.

    2003 New York Art Fair, USA.

    2003 “Icons of the East,” Tokyo, JAPAN.

    2003 Caftans, Davos, SWITZERLAND.

    2002 Acar displayed his 41st personal exhibit, “Encounter,” at the Galata Mevlevihanesi, Istanbul, TURKEY.

    2001 “Icons of the East,” Geneva, Prague, Saint Tropez- SWITZERLAND, THE CZECH REPUBLIC, FRANCE.

    2000 Acar carried out the world’s biggest open air wall art project at the Kaş harbor in Antalya. The project, titled “Clean environment clean world,” is 350 meters long and visible from a distance of 5 kilometers.

    1999 Hagia Sophia Museum “The Hagia Sophia and Virtual Projections,” Istanbul, TURKEY. This first extensive exhibition held at the 1600-year-old Hagia Sophia was visited by over 350,000 art enthusiasts within two months. It became the most visited exhibition in Turkey.

    1996 Habitat Cartoon Museum İstanbul TURKEY

    1994 Military Museum, Function –objects İstanbul TURKEY

    1993 Derimod Art Gallery, Istanbul, TURKEY .

    1993 Triptych Bosnia, London, ENGLAND.

    1993 Gar Art Gallery, Ankara, TURKEY.

    1992 Zebra Art Gallery, Istanbul, TURKEY.

    Some of the awards he's won

    2009 First place at the Florence Biennial, ITALY.

    2009 First place at the Chianciano Biennial, ITALY.

    2008 International Moscow Art Fair Prize, RUSSIA.

    2007 First place at the Florence Biennial, ITALY.

    2005 Artist of the Year, TURKEY.

    2004 Artist of the Year, TURKEY.

    Having participated in over 200 personal and group exhibitions to date, Acar’s works have been displayed in museums, private collections and galleries in all European nations, the United States, Canada, Mexico, all of the Arabian Peninsula, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, all Turkic Republics, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. Acar is also one of the founders of the 2008 Turkish Sled Federation and a trustee of the TEGV (The Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey). The Artist was appointed as humanitarian ambassador by the UN in 2015 He continues his work in the capital of three historic empires, Istanbul.

    Otherwise by appointment
    Karaköy , Lüleci Hendek Caddesi No: 50/1 Beyoğlu İSTANBUL / TURKEY
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